Saturday, 10 August 2013

Friends Rememberances of Mom

Inta and I go a long way back ....we had the same summer job in the Air Force Reserve...supposedly we were being trained to be fighter control operators which was a bit of a joke but we enjoyed good times playing volleyball, doing drill marches ..... it sure was a lark and the pay was good ...I think it was $40 a week but that would be about 1958. Then in University, we met up several times since we were both dating engineers...ended up marrying the guys....Jiim and my husband, Bob were classmates and good friends....Jim and Inta visited us in England in 1969 or 70 and treated us to theatre in London and a few good meals.... Inta was the perpetual student when we knew her and it sounds as though she always pursued new interests...we were so sorry to hear of her illness and are sympathetic to her children's loss and encouraging them to hold on to those precious memories. Take care, Pat
  • Pat Richardson, Friend, Burlington

I knew Inta through my sister Bernice Warren. I always enjoyed her warmth and creativity.
  • Patricia Creary, Midland, ON


 Mom and Margaret M.

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